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Ateez incorporates traditional Korean elements into Coachella performance

April 14, 2024 - 14:43 By Hong Yoo
Ateez performs at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival held in Indio, California, Friday. (KQ Entertainment)

On Friday, Ateez performed on the Sahara stage of the Coachella Valley Music Festival, becoming the first-ever K-pop boy group to perform at the annual festival held in southern California.

The performance was livestreamed on YouTube.

“We are touched by how you are enjoying our stage and singing along to our music. Thank you for coming to see us,” Ateez said during the performance.

Ateez performed a medley of hit singles, including “Say My Name,” “Hala Hala” and “Crazy Form,” into which they incorporated traditional Korean cultural elements.

The group used a gigantic flag decorated with the four guardian deities -- the blue dragon, white tiger, red phoenix and black tortoise with serpent.

The background graphics displayed on the main screen were designed with "jagae," or mother-of-pearl inlay, a decorative technique in use since the Three Kingdoms period (57 BC to AD 668).

Ateez also incorporated the traditional Korean circle dance play "ganggangsulae" in the choreography.

The Bongsan Mask Dance Drama Preservation Society was invited to perform on stage with the group.

“Thanks to our fans who were there to support us, we were able to do well. It was beautiful watching you guys from the stage. We will work harder to participate in bigger and better stages in the future. This was a great experience. Please look forward to our next Coachella stage as well,” Ateez said after the group's first Coachella performance.

Ateez will perform a second show at Coachella on Friday.

The festival runs until April 21 at the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio, California.