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Mother of twin boys dies; donates organs to save 4 lives

April 9, 2024 - 14:41 By Yoon Min-sik
This photo provided by the Korea Organ Donation Agency shows framed photos of the late Jang Hee-jae at her funeral altar. (Korea Organ Donation Agency)

A 43-year-old dancer and mother of twin 7-year-old boys has passed away, donating after her death her lungs, liver and kidneys, which were used to save the lives of four people.

The news of Jang Hee-jae was shared by the Korea Organ Donation Agency on Monday. According to the agency, Jang suffered a heart failure while asleep at her parent's home on March 9. Jang subsequently became brain-dead, despite receiving medical treatment.

"(We) decided on the donation because we wanted to send a message to her 7-year-old boys that their mother did a good deed before passing away, and we wanted (her organs) to save other people and continue to live, rather than her life just becoming dust," the bereaved family was quoted as saying.

They also said that they were well aware of the pains suffered by people with organ failure since Jang's grandmother had kidney problems and had to be on dialysis for over 20 years.

The custody of her children went to her older sister, who will raise the boys alongside her own daughter.

Jang, the second of three children born in Seoul, was a strong leader who enjoyed the company of others. She was described by her family as someone who never hesitated to help those in need, through volunteer work and donations.