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RSN Recognized Among Top 500 High-Growth Companies in Asia-Pacific by Financial Times

April 4, 2024 - 00:21 By PRNEWSWIRE

SEOUL, South Korea, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- RSN, a leading player in AI-driven big data analytics, has secured a prestigious spot in the coveted "2024 Asia-Pacific High Growth Company" list, announced by none other than the renowned Financial Times. This acknowledgment serves as a testament to RSN's exceptional performance and significant impact on the technology landscape.

RSN Recognized Among Top 500 High-Growth Companies in Asia-Pacific by Financial Times
RSN Recognized Among Top 500 High-Growth Companies in Asia-Pacific by Financial Times

Collaborating with Statista, a globally recognized research organization, Financial Times meticulously selects the top 500 high-growth enterprises from over 15,000 companies across 13 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. RSN's remarkable achievement is a reflection of its innovative strategies and remarkable growth trajectory.

Evaluation criteria for this esteemed accolade include innovation, compound annual growth rate (CAGR), and employee hiring from 2019 to 2022. RSN's stellar performance, boasting a 3-year revenue growth rate of 81.7% and a CAGR of 22%, firmly establishes its position among the elite cohort of high-growth companies.

Furthermore, RSN's innovative AI solutions have garnered attention on a global scale. Recently, Forbes Korea recognized RSN's technological prowess by including it in the prestigious "2024 Korea AI 50" list, further solidifying its reputation as a leader in AI technology.

With its unparalleled expertise in AI-based colloquial unstructured big data analysis, RSN has maintained its position as a market leader for over two decades. The company is now poised for global expansion, with showcasing its AI-based big data analysis platform at major international events such as the Dubai Beauty Expo and CES 2024 in Las Vegas.

In addition to its ongoing innovations, such as Lucy Topic and Lucy TrendGPT, RSN continues to push boundaries in AI technology. These cutting-edge solutions empower users with advanced topic analysis and chat-based assistance, reinforcing RSN's position as a frontrunner in the evolving field of AI technology.

RSN's inclusion in the Financial Times' 2024 Asia Pacific High Growth Companies list demonstrates our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, and further cements our position as a key player in the global technology sector.

About RSN

RSN is a company specializing in atypical text big data analysis powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and has been the No. 1 company in the domestic market for 20 years based on atypical text language models. With the recent development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, we are helping customers grow their businesses by effectively analyzing and utilizing the vast amount of big data generated online. From large to small-sized companies and public institutions in various industries such as electronics and telecommunications, retail and commerce, broadcasting and advertising, automotive and manufacturing, finance and insurance, alcohol and beverage, cosmetics and fashion, and education are adopting our customized services for various purposes such as brand and market analysis, external trend analysis, consumer psychology analysis, and sales demand prediction analysis. Currently, RSN has more than 500 clients, including more than 200 ongoing clients. In addition, 73% of its customers have been with the company for more than three years, and more than 90% of its revenue comes from private companies. For more information, please visit