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Who will get it right?

Broadcasters turn to AI, upgraded prediction systems for election night coverage

April 3, 2024 - 14:47 By Lee Yoon-seo
Democratic Party of Korea leader Lee Jae-myung (left) and the interim chief of the People Power Party Han Dong-hoon are depicted in SBS' Vote Information Processing Online Network. (SBS)

South Korean broadcasters will be leveraging advanced artificial intelligence technology, upgraded election outcome prediction systems and personalized services in their coverage of the general election on April 10.

SBS will introduce an AI character as a commentator for its general election broadcasts, a first in Korean broadcasting history.

Named "Toopyoro" and taking the form of a teddy bear, the AI character will provide real-time commentary on the general election using generative AI chatbot technology and AI virtual voice technology. A generative AI chatbot is a conversational AI system that employs deep learning and natural language processing methods to produce real-time text responses that mimic human language.

SBS said it also plans on broadcasting old videos of key party representatives using the "AI Person Search" technology developed independently by the broadcaster's research institute. According to SBS, the technology enables the identification of videos featuring the subject's face from archives, using just one facial photograph.

SBS' election-specific graphic broadcasting system, the Vote Information Processing Online Network, will produce graphics of candidates parodying SBS' hit drama "Stairway to Heaven" and the Hollywood film "Mission Impossible."

KBS said it has upgraded its election winner prediction system, "DecisionK+," for its 2024 general election coverage.

According to KBS, "DecisionK+" will divide each electoral district into smaller units at the town or village level and analyze real-time voting data from these areas.

"DecisionK+" will predict the election outcomes of key candidates in the focal electoral districts based on data collected from villages and towns well before the vote count is finalized.

Election coverage at KBS could prove entertaining. KBS said a segment of its election broadcast will feature avatars of major candidates created using AI engaging in a rap battle. The avatars will sing and dance to music composed based on their election pledges.

Characters from KBS' 32-part historical drama, "Korea-Khitan War," will also be utilized in graphics displaying the results for each candidate. On KBS' official YouTube channel, a virtual YouTube character will host a political quiz show and interact with viewers in real time.

Election coverage at MBC will be more conventional with its star anchors such as Kim Dae-ho providing commentary rather than artificial intelligence characters, as commentators.

MBC added that MBC Election 2024 is providing a personalized service, which allows viewers to designate their electoral districts and candidates of interest on the website and swiftly check the outcomes on election day.

A character from KBS' "Korea-Khitan War" is seen in graphics displaying the voting results of a candidate. (KBS)