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Hyundai Group marks 20 years of Vision Forum

April 2, 2024 - 14:57 By Park Se-ra
Kim Jang-woo, an engineering professor at Seoul National University, delivers a lecture during Hyundai Group's Vision Forum, at the group's headquarters in Seoul, Tuesday. (Hyundai Group)

Hyundai Group celebrated the 20th anniversary of its Vision Forum on Tuesday, coinciding with a special session dedicated to the 40th anniversary of Hyundai Elevator, the group announced the same day.

The session featured a comprehensive 70-minute webinar by Seoul National University professor Kim Jang-woo on the evolution of high-performance system semiconductors, drawing significant participation from employees.

Launched in 2005 by Hyundai Group Chair Hyun Jeong-eun, the Vision Forum was established to enhance the workforce's comprehension of the rapidly evolving business landscape and the latest industry trends. Transitioning to a digital format in 2021, the forum has further expanded its reach.

"The diverse and profound capabilities and qualities of our employees are the core competitive strength of the company," Hyun stated.

Over the years, the Vision Forum has featured approximately 120 speakers, including top experts from various fields recommended by the Hyundai Research Institute. The topics range from management and society to technology trends such as AI and mobility.

Furthermore, the feedback from these sessions has played a crucial role in enhancing communication and understanding across the different generations within the group.

“The sustained success of the Vision Forum over two decades is a testament to Chairperson Hyun's dedication to talent development and the proactive involvement of our employees,” a Hyundai Group official commented. “We plan to further develop job-related specialized training programs tailored to each company's characteristics.”

Meanwhile, Hyun has been expanding her efforts to nurture future talent and strengthen employee education, such as participating in the group's new employee training completion ceremony earlier this year.

Hyundai Group Chair Hyun Jeong-eun (Hyundai Group)