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Seoul City uses rabies vaccine bait to protect wildlife

April 1, 2024 - 14:36 By No Kyung-min
Blocks of bait containing rabies vaccine (Seoul City Government)

Seoul City has started disseminating vaccine-laced fish cakes to wildlife as a measure to curb the spread of rabies, the city government said on Monday.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government said 37,000 square pieces of fishmeal-based bait containing rabies vaccine, each measuring 2-3 centimeters, will be distributed near mountains and rivers from Monday until May 15. This initiative aims to enhance the immunity of wild animals, such as raccoons, badgers and wild dogs, against the viral disease.

The city government is installing banners and notices around the designated areas to inform the public about the bait distribution plans. They aim to warn people against touching the bait to avoid skin irritation and prevent leaving scents that could deter wild animals.

While the bait vaccines proved to be safe for household pets, city officials advised pet owners to vaccinate their animals at animal hospitals to ensure stronger immunity.

Bait distribution will take place in key mountain and river locations such as Bukhansan, Dobongsan, Uicheon and Yangjaecheon. Around 15 to 20 baits will be placed every 50 to 100 meters along a 157-kilometer stretch on the city's outskirts. The city government will collect any uneaten baits after 30 days.

The city government has been carrying out this rabies preventive initiative twice annually, every spring and fall, since 2006.