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Herald Corp. partners with National Hangeul Museum to spread Hangeul culture

April 1, 2024 - 14:28 By Shin Ji-hye

Herald Corp. CEO Choi Jin-young and National Hangeul Museum director Kim Il-hwan pose for a photograph after signing a memorandum of understanding at the Herald Corp.'s headquarters on March 28. (Herald Corp.)

Herald Corp. has set out to promote globalizing and spreading the value of the Korean language in partnership with the National Hangeul Museum.

Herald Corp. CEO Choi Jin-young signed a business agreement with Kim Il-hwan, the director of the National Hangeul Museum, to spread the culture of the Korean language at the media firm’s headquarters in Seoul on March 28.

Under the agreement, the two organizations have agreed to collaborate in nurturing cultural projects based on Hangeul. Specifically, they aim to create content and promote international cooperation projects to enhance global awareness and education about Hangeul. Herald Corp. intends to place Hangeul at the core of its cultural public service initiatives and foster partnerships with local communities and the embassies of various countries.

The media firm is set to establish a cultural foundation named Herald Hangeul Heritage, building on The Korea Herald's extensive experience in global forums, its Korean culture series and the K-pop Herald.

To mark its 10th anniversary in October, the National Hangeul Museum intends to produce digital content titled “Curious writing? Curious Hangeul.” Herald Corp. will assist in the internationalization and promotion of this content, supporting the development and dissemination of digital content for the museum.

“As Hangeul embodies the spiritual essence of the Korean people, we are planning a range of cultural initiatives to showcase it globally,” Choi said. “By partnering with the National Hangeul Museum, home to Korea's most extensive collection of Hangeul cultural treasures, we aim to co-host exhibitions and forums that will bring Hangeul culture to the international stage.”

“'Through our partnership with Herald Corp., we anticipate that the Hangeul cultural heritage preserved by the National Hangeul Museum will be disseminated more effectively and swiftly, both domestically and internationally,” Kim said. “We aim to transition the museum from being Korea’s leading Hangeul cultural institution to playing a pivotal role in the globalization of Hangeul culture.”

To date, Herald Corp. has undertaken various initiatives, including publishing 60 articles for its "Hello Hangeul" series and organizing a charity golf tournament to fund the establishment of the Hangeul Culture Foundation. Additionally, it is gearing up to host the World Korean Language Olympiad in October.