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Adult products company owner arrested on suspicion of sexually exploiting employees

April 1, 2024 - 14:20 By Yoon Min-sik

The head of an adult products company in South Korea was recently arrested on charges related to the alleged sexual exploitation of employees at the company, according to local media outlets.

JTBC reported Sunday that the suspect, surnamed Yang, had been detained by police after complaints were lodged against him for fraud, sexual misconduct and filming sexual content without consent. Police arrested the suspect as part of the ongoing investigation into these charges.

Some of the claims made by former employers include sexual extortion, such as coercing employees to sign a written consent form that would allow the employer to force the employees to engage in sexual acts. The consent form stipulated that the employees could not refuse to engage in such activities and that those who refused could be fired.

The consent form also reportedly specified that employees could not file any complaints about anything related to sex in their work, including any form of sexual harassment or abuse.

Yang reportedly forced his employees to engage in sexual contact with each other, having filmed such instances to blackmail and coerce his employees. Yang allegedly used his connections with local gang members to threaten them.

Yang was also accused of adultery by deception, which is has not been a criminal offence in Korea since 2009 but civil charges.

It was reported that, although Yang wore expensive clothes, he had nearly no income. Yang was a beneficiary of the National Basic Livelihood subsidy given to those with minimal or no income, and his lavish spending allegedly stemmed from money he had received from his employees as investments.

Yang has denied all the charges against him.