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HD Hyundai vows to enhance support for foreign workers

March 27, 2024 - 15:20 By Park Se-ra
HD Hyundai Chair Kwon Oh-gap (center) and foreign workers at HD Hyundai's shipbuilding affiliates and their partner firms pose for a photo during a luncheon at the firm's Ulsan work site, Wednesday. (HD Hyundai)

HD Hyundai Chair Kwon Oh-gap and top executives convened Wednesday for a luncheon with foreign national workers at an Ulsan work site, pledging enduring support for their welfare.

The gathering, held at a VIP restaurant within the HD Hyundai Heavy Industries headquarters, included a total of 42 foreign employees from seven countries such as Vietnam and Uzbekistan who work at the group’s shipbuilding affiliates and their partner firms.

Along with Chair Kwon, Presidents Lee Sang-kyun and Noh Jin-yul of HD Hyundai Heavy Industries and Hyundai Mipo Dockyard President Kim Hyung-kwan also joined the event.

HD Hyundai said that Wednesday’s gathering is part of its broader strategy to assimilate foreign workers into its operational and cultural framework.

HD Hyundai Heavy Industries, the world’s largest shipbuilder, has taken pioneering steps to aid its international workforce, notably with the creation of a Foreign Support Center within the organization. The center offers translation services in eight languages and has developed a global menu catering to the diverse dietary preferences and religious requirements of the employees.

Moreover, the company has actively pursued the safety of its foreign staff by developing safety training resources in multiple languages and implementing specialized safety training beyond the legal requirements.

During the luncheon, Kwon engaged personally with the workers, heeding their advice and acknowledging the challenges of expatriate life. He reassured them of the company’s commitment to their welfare, stating, “The company will spare no effort to ensure you can return to your families healthy and safe. There is nothing more important than your safety.”

The foreign workers conveyed their appreciation for the comprehensive support offered by the company such as language assistance for daily life and administrative matters, as well as Korean language training to enhance job understanding.

“I recognize the extensive efforts made by the company for foreign workers. I am committed to adapting successfully and contributing positively to our community,” an Uzbekistan national worker, surnamed Rustamjon, was quoted as saying during the meeting.