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Cambodia calls for cultural diplomacy on National Culture Day

March 25, 2024 - 11:53 By Sanjay Kumar
Cambodian Ambassador to Korea Chring Botumrangsay speaks at National Culture Day at Cheonggye Plaza in Jongno-gu, Seoul on Sunday. (Cambodian Embassy in Seoul)

The Cambodian Embassy called for cultural diplomacy to enhance cooperation, hosting its National Culture Day on Sunday.

Marked each year on March 3, Cambodia’s National Culture Day showcases the resilience and richness of Cambodian heritage.

Delivering remarks at the event, Cambodian Ambassador Chring Botumrangsay paid homage to generations who have preserved and cherished Cambodian traditions, passing them down through the ages with love and reverence.

“In a world shaped by rapid change and transformation, it is the energy, creativity and passion of our youth that propel us forward, infusing our cultural heritage with renewed vitality and relevance," she said, explaining the theme of the event that highlighted role of the younger generation to rejuvenate cultural heritage.

"Youth for National Culture resonates deeply with the spirit of our times,” she stressed.

Cambodian Ambassador to Korea Chring Botumrangsay poses for a group photo with guests at National Culture Day at Cheonggye Plaza(a public square) in Jongno-gu, Seoul on Sunday. (Cambodian Embassy in Seoul)

“Culture serves as a bridge that connects us,” said Botumrangsay, acknowledging uncertain times marked by unprecedented global challenges and advocating cultural diplomacy.

Cultural diplomacy is a form of public diplomacy and soft power that involves exchanging ideas, information, art, language and other cultural elements among nations to promote mutual understanding.

Botumrangsay emphasized that events like National Culture Day celebrate diversity and appreciate the beauty of various cultures, reaffirming the commitment to fostering a more harmonious and inclusive global community.

“The importance of cultural unity and understanding has never been more evident,” she added.

The event was attended by a diverse audience of over 350 attendees, including members of the diplomatic corps, Korean institutions and both the Korean and Cambodian communities.