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Fashion KODE puts on show of contrasts

March 22, 2024 - 16:09 By Choi Si-young
Models wear creations for Minasong during the 2024 Fashion KODE at Coex in Seoul on Friday. (Fashion KODE)

A spectacle of contrasts from colors to styles was what the audience was treated on the second day of the 2024 Fashion KODE, a biannual event meant to advance Korea’s fashion industry by engaging a wider public.

A joint fall-winter runway show Friday by Minasong and Valoren -- the womenswear and menswear brands, respectively -- juxtaposed minimalism with deconstructed fashion, giving out a taste of the latest trends both young and old could find relatable.

A distinct palette of black and cream, punctuated by neutral beige and gray, defined the styles of Song Mina, the womenswear creative director. Models showed off timeless classics in wardrobes from trousers and pants to crop tops and trenches, all without embellishment.

Song described her collection as “Timeless silhouettes with acute attention to detail and neutral tones,” adding texture and garment quality stand front and center.

The collection by menswear designer Jung Hyo-chan came with a punky exuberance. Boxy blazers with flat pockets and matching mid-thigh shorts compensated for little color variety, with little deviations tolerated onstage. Models were in blacks. Yellows and greens were there but rare.

Jung described his clothing as pointed, with a “bold incision and free finish.”

The up-and-coming designers, whose shops were launched each in 2021 and 2022, represent two of the 84 brands showcasing their collections at the three-day show at Seoul’s Coex. Walk-in purchases can be made Saturday when the show draws to a close.

Models pose for a photo during the 2024 Fashion KODE at Coex in Seoul on Friday. (Choi Si-young/The Korea Herald)