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Ulsan Buk-gu Office presents digital stamp tour in 2024

March 15, 2024 - 14:26 By Lee Si-jin
Poster for Ulsan Buk-gu's mobile stamp tour (Ulsan Buk-gu Office)

Ulsan is set to promote the northern part of the city’s beauty and charm through a new stamp tour featuring 35 tourist destinations.

Buk-gu Office, representing the northern district, recently announced that travel spots will include the district’s own seven representative mountains as well as “Buk-gu Shipigyeong,” meaning Buk-gu’s 12 iconic sights, the cherry blossom street, a wellness-themed road and other historical sites.

On Ulsan Buk-gu's mountain tour, travelers will be asked to collect seven digital stamps that can be acquired by walking along the trail with the mobile application Stamptour through May 1.

While Buk-gu Office will award everyone for their journey with a certificate, it will also present a special souvenir to the first 200 hikers to complete the task on a first-come, first-served basis.

The nature of the souvenir is yet to be revealed, according to Buk-gu Office.

Starting from July to October, Buk-gu Shipigyeong will allow tourists to collect digital stamps from the district’s 12 renowned travel spots, including the Myeongchon silver grass colony, Muryong Street, Gangdong Jusangjeolli Cliff and more.

Fifty travelers who collect all 12 stamps will be selected from a raffle each month for a different souvenir as well.

Visitors can tour the district’s famous cherry blossom-themed spots, wellness tourism destinations and historical sites to complete the stamp tours in April, June and October to November, respectively.

Travelers can participate in the tour with the mobile application, automatically receive stamps at the stamp zones via GPS signals and submit the collected stamps to Buk-gu Office online.

The office explained that the digital stamp tour can be repeated, allowing visitors to participate multiple times with friends and families.

For more details, visit Ulsan Buk-gu’s official website at or call the district’s tourism department: (052) 241-7754.