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LX Pantos attains security certification from German automakers

March 12, 2024 - 14:37 By Heo Yu-jeong
(LX Pantos)

LX Pantos, a Korean logistics company, said Tuesday that it has obtained the Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange certification from the German Association of the Automotive Industry, in a move to gain an upper hand in delivering cars and automotive parts.

TISAX serves as a standardized measure of information security within the automotive sector, focusing on key areas like information security, supply chain security, data protection, and prototype protection.

After undergoing a rigorous TISAX assessment, LX Pantos attained the highest level, AL3, showcasing its robust security measures across its logistics centers in Wroclaw and Mlawa, Poland, as well as its headquarters in Seoul.

This accomplishment positions LX Pantos to meet the increasing security demands of global automakers, particularly in Europe. As the automotive industry transitions towards future mobility -- such as electric vehicles, connected cars and autonomous driving -- heavily reliant on software technologies, LX Pantos is equipped to provide stringent security protocols to safeguard sensitive data.

"Robust information security control is crucial in logistics, given our routine handling of sensitive client data. With TISAX certification, our expertise in information security will catalyze our commitment to expand further into the global logistics market, particularly in Europe," an LX Pantos official said.