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Dong-A Otsuka pledges ‘zero plastic’ on 45th anniversary

March 6, 2024 - 14:06 By Heo Yu-jeong
Dong-A Otsuka CEO Park Cheol-ho speaks during the company's 45th-anniversary ceremony, in Seoul, Tuesday. (Dong-A Otsuka)

Korean beverage maker Dong-A Otsuka on Tuesday announced its “zero plastic” goal, renewing its commitment to sustainable management on the company's 45th anniversary.

Under the new goal, the company aims to increase the use of sustainable plastic by 50 percent by 2030 and complete a 100 percent transition to sustainable plastic by 2050. As part of its efforts, the company will start adopting eco-friendly PET (polyethylene terephthalate) this year and reduce the use of plastic materials. It also plans to replace production equipment to reduce carbon emissions.

Dong-A Otsuka has already removed the product label for its mineral water brand Mashinda. The company said it plans to extend the practice to its flagship ion drink Pocari Sweat in phases. Currently, Pocari Sweat bottles come with detachable labels to enhance recycling efficiency.

As an official sponsor of the Seoul Marathon 2024 scheduled for March 17, Dong-A Otsuka will also endorse its label-free Mashinda and eco-friendly paper cups. Large recycling bins will be strategically placed around the event site to encourage responsible disposal.

"Valuing nature and responsible resource utilization is paramount for our company. This commitment fuels our drive to manufacture environmentally friendly beverages. Through a spectrum of CSR activities, we endeavor to construct a sustainable future hand in hand with our customers," Park Cheol-ho, CEO of Dong-A Otsuka, stated.