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French ambassador visits Renault Korea's Busan plant

Feb. 25, 2024 - 15:46 By Moon Joon-hyun
Renault Korea Motors CEO Stephane Deblaise and French Ambassador Philippe Bertoux exchange a friendly handshake at the XM3 assembly line during the ambassador's visit to the Busan plant on Friday. (Renault Korea Motors)

French Ambassador Philippe Bertoux visited the Renault Korea Motors plant in Busan on Friday, highlighting the facility's role in the automotive industries of both South Korea and France, and its position within the global Renault Group network.

The visit was accompanied by Renault Korea Motors CEO Stephane Deblaise and other French Embassy officials including Economic Counselor Adeline-Lise Khov and Commercial Counselor Matthieu Lefort.

The Busan plant, where Renault Korea's most popular XM3 is assembled, has been identified as a key site in the development and production of Renalt’s high-end D and E segment vehicles for markets outside Europe, aligning with the Renault Group's 'Renault Brand International Game Plan' strategy. This plan designates the Busan facility as one of five global hubs.

“Seeing the Korean national flag and the French flag hanging together inside the Busan plant was a powerful reminder of Renault Korea's significant role in both Korea and France. The Busan plant's achievements have also raised expectations for the success of Renault Korea's Aurora project,” said Ambassador Bertoux.

The Aurora Project is Renault Korea's mid-to-long-term initiative to launch three new vehicles: Aurora 1, a hybrid midsize SUV replacing the QM6, scheduled for 2024; Aurora 2, a midsize CUV that merges the roles of the SM6 and SM7, set for 2026; and Aurora 3, an electric midsize SUV, expected in 2027.

Ambassador Bertoux, who began his tenure in July of the previous year, has previously served as Director of Strategic Affairs, Security, and Disarmament at The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and as Ambassador to the International Civil Aviation Organization.