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SIS hosts National History Day

Feb. 22, 2024 - 15:07 By Choi Jeong-yoon
James Kowalski, affiliate co-coordinator, along with Steven Nave, said they invite all students from grades 6 to 12 to participate in the National History Day Korea contest.

Seoul International School is hosting National History Day Korea 2024 on Saturday, where 572 students from 27 schools will present 325 projects.

Under the theme “Turning Points in History,” the event encourages students to engage deeply with historical events that had a great impact on the world today. National History Day aims to offer a dynamic educational program that promotes critical thinking, research skills and the creative presentation of various historical events.

By participating, students embark on a journey of historical inquiry, developing a comprehensive understanding of their chosen topics through primary and secondary research. The culmination of this process allows students to showcase their findings in various formats, including documentaries, exhibits and performances.

SIS's involvement as host underscores the school's commitment to fostering academic exploration and critical thinking, offering a platform for students to showcase their historical inquiries and creative presentations.

This initiative not only enhances students' academic skills but also fosters a greater appreciation for history's impact on the present and future, according to the official. "Hosting NHD Korea is a great honor and opportunity to provide students with a platform to engage rigorously with historical problems," the school said. "The leadership of SIS has been unwaveringly supportive and enthusiastic about serving as host of NHD Korea, welcoming over 600 participating students, teachers, and judges from across the region."

Students who place first or second at NHD Korea are eligible to participate in the National Contest held each June at the University of Maryland at College Park.