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[Graphic News] Streamers’ total income surpasses 1 trillion won

Feb. 22, 2024 - 08:02 By Nam Kyung-don

The annual income declared by single-person media creators, such as YouTubers and internet broadcast hosts (BJs), was found to have exceeded 1 trillion won ($7.5 million) in South Korea.

A total of 39,366 individuals reported their annual income as single-person media creators in 2022, with the total amount reaching 1.14 trillion won, according to the National Tax Service.

The total income of 393 single-person media creators who were in the top 1 percent, was 333.3 billion won, accounting for 29.2 percent of the total income generated. The average per person was 848 million won, a 26.4 percent increase from three years ago.

In contrast, the average income of all creators was at 29 million won, a 3 million won decrease from 2019, indicating an ongoing polarization of revenue for internet-based content creators.