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NCT Dream, Seventeen, Stray Kids, and Ive win grand prizes at Hanteo Music Awards

Feb. 19, 2024 - 13:44 By Hong Yoo
From left: Chenle, Jaemin and Mark of NCT Dream share their remarks receiving the Best Artist award at the 31st Hanteo Music Awards held in Seoul, Sunday. (Hanteo Music Awards)

The 31st Hanteo Music Awards’ four grand prizes — Best Artist, Best Album, Best Performance and Best Song, went to NCT Dream, Seventeen, Stray Kids and Ive, respectively, on Sunday, the last day of the two-day event held in Seoul.

NCT Dream bagged the Best Artist award for showing outstanding musical ability and powerful influence in the music industry.

Only Mark, Jaemin and Chenle of NCT Dream attended the event, as other members of the group were working on the group’s upcoming album.

“There was a lot of hard work and support of many people behind this prize. We want to thank our seven members, our parents and Neo Production. The biggest thing we’ve learned after the debut is that support coming from others means a lot. We want to thank our fans for such support. We will take them as a motivation to continue moving forward,” said Mark of NCT Dream.

The group also won the Artist of the Year prize, a prize that was given to 14 of the most-loved K-pop groups last year.

Seventeen took home the Best Album award for its successful “FML” album that set a first-week sales record for a K-pop album in April last year, selling over 4.55 million copies.

The group did not attend the event.

Stray Kids bagged the Best Performance award for presenting remarkable stages, performing in major cities around the world through its world tour "Maniac" and dome tour "5-Star."

The group also won the Artist of the Year prize.

Ive took home the Best Song award for its hit single “I Am,” which is about living an independent life.

“Thank you K-pop fans and Dive (fandom name) for enjoying our song last year. Because of your love for our song, which was the lead track to our first LP, we could win this grand prize. We are currently on our world tour and we plan to meet as many fans around the world as possible this year, so please look forward to our performance,” said Ive in a pre-recorded video.

Ive also won the Artist of the Year prize.