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Chic and cozy brunch places in Yeouido

Feb. 17, 2024 - 16:01 By Kim Da-sol

Located on the Han River, Yeouido is the country’s main financial district, filled with brokers and bankers in suits. The area's dining options run the gamut, from fancy restaurants for business meetings to decades-old cheap grub spots for busy office workers. What is not well known is that Yeouido has a vibrant brunch scene with several chic and cozy brunch spots to choose from.

Besides Yeouido’s already famous Skyfarm Brunch cafe located on the 50th floor of FKI Tower, here are some must-try brunch places for the next time you are in Yeouido.

Laurus Blanc's signature French toast (Kim Da-sol/The Korea Herald)
Laurus Blanc at The Hyundai Seoul in Yeouido (Kim Da-sol/The Korea Herald)
Laurus Blanc's Caesar salad (Laurus Blanc)

Laurus Blanc

Located on the third floor of The Hyundai Seoul department store near Yeouido Station, Laurus Blanc offers a great sandwich selection and an all-day brunch menu that includes soups, French toast and a prosciutto mushroom galette.

Laurus Blanc’s signature French toast is large enough to be a meal or a dessert for two, topped with fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, torched bananas and Shine Muscat grapes, and comes sprinkled with maple syrup-coasted walnuts. The French toast pairs well with black coffee, which can be refilled at the table.

Another recommendation is the Caesar salad, which is served with perfectly prepared sous vide chicken breast, whole Romain lettuce drizzled with salad dressing and topped with crunchy croutons.

The sandwiches on offer include an avocado tuna sandwich, a jambon beurre sandwich, a Reuben sandwich and a meat pie, all of which are recommended for their generous portion. The staff here also go above and beyond to offer great service so you can enjoy a peaceful meal in a graceful atmosphere.

Prices range from 20,000 won to 28,000 won.

Orzo Le Beau Temps in Yeouido (Kim Da-sol/The Korea Herald)
Orzo Le Beau Temps in Yeouido (Kim Da-sol/The Korea Herald)

Orzo Le Beau Temps

Apgujeong-dong's Michelin-starred bistro, Orzo Le Beau Temps, opened a new restaurant in Yeouido in December, catering to those who are looking for a high-quality brunch, as well as pasta and steak.

The brunch menu, served from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., includes a mushroom latte, a mushroom soup, eggs Benedict and French toast, a brunch plate of sunny-side-up eggs and waffles as well as a ricotta cheese plate that is presented with focaccia and seasonal fruits. With so many brunch classics to choose from, it is hard to resist trying them all with a nice, strong cup of coffee.

Le Beau Temps’ signature eggs Benedict is served with avocado salsa and perfectly poached eggs, topped with oregano seasoning.

French toast here is also special as it comes coated with organic caramel maple syrup and is sprinkled with candied pistachio. The dish is complete with two rashers of crispy bacon.

If you are ready to explore a diverse menu, try the star-marked items recommended by Orzo Le Beau Temps

White ragu with homemade tajarin, a white ragu pasta with truffle and mushroom pesto and beef ragu, offers a thick creamy texture and a hint of truffle. Diners can add extra slices of fresh Truffly for 15,000 won.

The perfect way to complete a meal here is the dessert of the day offerings, which include tiramisu.

Meal prices range from 19,000 won to 29,000 won. The restaurant is open every day from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Eggs Benedict (Orzo Le Beau Temps)
White ragu pasta (Orzo Le Beau Temps)