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[팟캐스트] (557) 서울 용산에 100층 랜드마크 국제업무지구 들어선다

Feb. 13, 2024 - 09:01 By Hong Yoo
This rendering released by the Seoul city government shows the Yongsan International Business District.

진행자: 홍유, Elise Youn

Seoul unveils plan for world's largest 'vertical' business district in Yongsan

기사 요약: 서울 용산에 100층 안팎의 랜드마크가 들어서고 세계 최초로 45층 건물을 잇는 1.1㎞ 스카이 트레일이 설치된다.

[1] The Seoul city government unveiled a set of plans to transform an abandoned train maintenance depot in the central district of Yongsan into an international business district, with the construction of a 100-floor skyscraper and a sky trail linking high-rises there as the centerpiece.

*train maintenance depot: 정비창 부지

*skyscraper: 고층 건물

[2] In a press briefing Monday, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon said the government will transform an area of unused land near Yongsan Station into an “international business district as a new center for global urban competitiveness and technological innovation.”

*district: (특정한 특징이 있는) 지구[지역]

*urban: 도시의, 도회지의

[3] Under the plans, the Seoul city government will develop the roughly 500,000 square meters of land into the world's largest "vertical" city, with extensive green space.

*roughly: 대략, 거의

*extensive: 광범위한

[4] The plan is part of a wider project to make the city more pedestrian-friendly, Oh said. Depending on the intended purposes, the district will be divided into three zones -- international business, business complex and business support, his office added.

*Depending on: …에 따라

*intended: 대상[목표]으로 삼은, 의도[겨냥]하는

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