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[New in Town] Patties brings flame-grilled burgers to Euljiro

Feb. 3, 2024 - 16:01 By Kim Da-sol
Homemade burger restaurant Patties (Kim Da-sol/The Korea Herald)

Koreans might not be able to match the US in their love of beef patties, but burgers are one of the most popular options here to grab on the go.

At Patties, a new homemade burger restaurant that opened in December near Euljiro 4-ga Station, you don’t want to finish your palm-sized burger in a few bites. Here, the burger is something to appreciate, enjoying every bite in a creative way, such as dipping it in a thick cream soup.

Patties’ burgers come in five varieties -- basic, cheese, bacon cheese, double and double bacon. Between the yellowish, well-baked soft brioche buns, the flame-grilled patty is accompanied by savory cheese, fresh tomato, pickle, baked onion, bacon and Patties’ special sauce.

Flame-grilled patties are cooked at Patties. (Patties)
Patties burgers (Patties)

“Unlike flat, iron plate griddles at other burger shops, our patties are flame-broiled, exposing the patties to the glowing coal, which is much more difficult and requires highly skilled cooking,” a Patties staffer told The Korea Herald.

From the first bite, the savory, grill-like taste was instantly noticeable. The patties were juicy, blending with the soft and sticky cheese and baked onion in the mouth.

Dipping the burger in a cream of mushroom soup, which includes bacon bits and well-cooked onion slices, as recommended, the classic taste of a burger is elevated to a new level.

Patties wings (Patties)

Wings come in sets of four, decorated with red pepper seed, while an order of pork ribs includes two pieces of pork ribs and nachos. Both the wings and the ribs are made with Patties' special barbecue sauce.

The homemade taste of the burger might just transport your taste buds to an old, friendly burger joint in a sleepy American town, helped on by the restaurant's atmosphere, which mimics the charm of a neighborhood diner with its kitschy photos on the walls.

“We’re so ready to show our food. All our staff have worked at well-known burger shops in Korea, building their career in the local burger scene. I hope you all like our food,” said a Patties staff.


Address: Sanrim-dong 18-1, Jung-gu, Seoul

Hours: 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. every day. Break time from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Last order at 7:30 p.m.

Instagram: pattiesburger.official

Price: 7,000 won to 14,000 won for burgers. The side menu varies from 3,000 won to 7,000 won.

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