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[팟캐스트] (552) 베트남 휴양지 매력에 풍덩 빠져볼까?

Jan. 25, 2024 - 06:01 By Park Jun-hee

진행자: 박준희, Ali Abbot

Escape winter’s chill, dive into paradise in Vietnam

기사 요약: 한국인들한테 인기 많은 다낭부터 요즘 뜨고 있는 푸꾸옥 섬까지, 가지각색의 매력을 지닌 베트남 여행지

[1] If the abounding lush green paddies and the Trump-Kim Hanoi summit click in your mind about Vietnam, you’re missing out on a big part, because the country has much more to offer.

*Abounding: 풍부한, 많은 / Flourish, Be plentiful, Abundant

*Click in your mind: 떠오르다 / Come to mind; Stick in your mind; pop up; cross your mind

*Miss out on: ~를 놓치다 / Overlook

*Offer: 제공하다 / Present; Give

[2] From waves gently hitting the shores and palm trees swaying in the distance to natural wildlife experiences, Vietnam aims to be South Korean travelers’ most sought-after destination this year, with its unique blend of traditions, cuisine and customs.

*Gently: 부드럽게 / Softly

*In the distance: 먼 곳에 / In the background; Far away

*Sought-after: 필요로 하고 있는, 수요가 많은 / Coveted, Desired, Longed-for

*Blend: 조합 / A mixture of something; Meld; Mix

[3] Take a dip in the white sandy beaches and clear waters of Phu Quoc, a triangle-shaped island in the southern part of Vietnam, to wash away the stress.

*Take a dip: 살짝 담그다 / Go for a short swin or splash in the ocean

*Sandy: 모래로 뒤덮인, 모래가 든

*Shape: 형태 / Form; Appearance

*Wash away: 씻어내다 / Take away; Wash out

[4] Known as the “pearl of Vietnam,” the up-and-coming travel destination will blow away the cobwebs with the magic of its sunset and sunrise, distinct local produce, the romance of its nature and an entertainment complex.

*Up-and-coming: 떠오르는 / Budding; Rising; On the up and up

*Blow away the cobwebs: 머리를 맑게 해주다 / Refresh, Recharge

*Distinct: 별개의 / Different

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