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Korea Herald, Verslo Zinios ink MOU to boost media cooperation

Dec. 15, 2023 - 14:50 By Sanjay Kumar
Rolandas Barysas, Editor-in-Chief of Verslo Zinios, Liucija Zubrutė, Deputy Editor-in-Chief at Verslo Zinios, and The Korea Herald Vice President Shin Yong-bae showcases the signed memorandum of understanding between The Korea Herald and Verslo Zinios on Thursday. (Sanjay Kumar/ The Korea Herald)

The Korea Herald and Verslo Zinios, a Lithuanian newspaper headquartered in Vilnius, inked a memorandum of understanding to foster international media collaboration Thursday.

The agreement aims to elevate awareness of both Lithuania and South Korea through strategic cooperation in journalistic endeavors.

The MOU covers the creation and exchange of journalistic content, the sharing of sources, comprehensive news coverage, heightened public awareness, joint event hosting, and conducting interviews that align with the strategic interests of both publications.

Expressing optimism, Rolandas Barysas, editor-in-chief of Verslo Zinios, highlighted the potential for strengthened ties, increased people-to-people connections, and elevated high-level exchanges with South Korea.

Barysas emphasized that diversifying media networks across the globe and fostering collaboration among journalists contribute to providing readers with diverse and compelling news stories.

“The MOU will somehow turn into more active and mutually beneficial cooperation,” stated Barysas, underscoring a more interconnected global media landscape.

The Korea Herald CEO Choi Jin-young(center) and The Korea Herald Vice President Shin Yong-bae(first from right) attends the online signing ceremony of the memorandum of understanding signed between The Korea Herald and Verslo Zinios on Thursday. (Kim Hee-soo/ The Korea Herald)

Choi Jin-young, CEO of The Korea Herald, sees the MOU as a significant step toward bridging the information gap between Lithuania and Korea.

"This MOU marks the first collaboration between media groups from South Korea and Lithuania, to the best of my knowledge," Choi noted, expressing hope for an enriched media relationship with Lithuania.

Meanwhile, Liucija Zubrute, deputy editor-in-chief at Verslo Zinios, underlined the importance of expanding media cooperation, describing it as a pathway to redefining journalism.

She stressed that the initiative with the South Korean newspaper opens new horizons for news reporting on Lithuania, covering diverse topics such as politics, economics, and sports.

Echoing Zubrute's perspective, Korea Herald Vice President Shin Yong-bae also affirmed their commitment to creating and sharing informative and critical content.