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Antenna concert series mixes music, art and cocktails

Music agency presents special concert series for six artists until Dec. 17

Dec. 8, 2023 - 15:07 By Lee Jung-youn
The stage of "Club Arc with Antenna" (Lee Jung-youn/The Korea Herald)

Jazz melodies and fragrant cocktails captivated the audience at the LG Art Center, Wednesday, marking the first day of a series of special performances presented by the music agency Antenna.

"Club Arc Antenna" showcases the work of six Antenna singer-songwriters, offering music, art and cocktails, as well as allowing the audience to visit backstage areas and mingle with the performers.

Renowned jazz pianist Yun Seok-cheol kicked off the series on Wednesday, and will be followed by singer-songwriters Park Sae-byul on Friday, Jung Jae-hyung on Saturday and Sunday, Sam Kim (Dec. 12 and 13), Lee Jin-ah (Dec. 14 and 15) and Lucid Fall (Dec. 16 and 17).

Upon entry, visitors are given a complimentary cocktail designed to match each artist's music, or a drink picked by the artist.

They are then given 90 minutes to look around the exhibition area, which runs from the lobby to the backstage dressing rooms. For the exhibition, the space is displayed with books and photos curated by the Antenna artists, handwritten sheet music and lyrics, and photographs of their beloved pets and plants.

The dressing room is decorated with belongings that the artists cherish, including Jung Jae-hyung's handwritten score sheet, pianist Yun’s glasses and Lee Jin-ah's guitar. Visitors may leave notes to the artist and take pictures.

To receive another specially designed cocktail, one can collect all the stamps available in the exhibition space on a map.

From left: Jazz pianist Yun Seok-cheol's favorite drinks and glasses frames , Lucid Fall's plant and tea cup display and Jung Jae-hyung's handwritten sheet music and glasses (Lee Jung-youn/The Korea Herald)

Yun, who presented the first night’s performances on Wednesday, performed seven songs, including "2004 Seoul" and "Love is a Song."

The 100-minute performance took place in a comfortable atmosphere, where Yun proposed a toast and shared his favorite drink with the audience.

"Club Arc Antenna" runs until Dec. 17 and includes several other events, such as an AI lecture prior to a concert and a modern dance performance.

Videos of six Antenna artists play on screens in the hallway of the backstage area, Wednesday. (Lee Jung-youn/The Korea Herald)