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Solbi talks about dealing with malicious online comments in documentary

Dec. 6, 2023 - 14:48 By Lee Jung-youn
Singer and painter Solbi (Solbi's Instagram)

Appearing in a US documentary, singer and painter Solbi has impressed viewers with her courageous journey in overcoming malicious comments.

Solbi appeared in a documentary entitled "Painting Through Pain" as part of the Voice of America's 52 Documentary series on YouTube, sharing the painful experience of malicious comments and cyberbullying and how she overcame them.

Directed by Komeil Soheili, the documentary was part of the weekly documentary series released from the VOA.

According to her agency, M.A.P Crew, the documentary was proposed by the Iranian filmmaker based in Seoul. He was reportedly impressed by Solbi's artwork and her endeavors to turn pain into art while raising awareness about cyberbullying.

In the documentary, Solbi confesses that she was tortured by numerous malicious comments, including comments insulting her appearance and her art. She added that there was sexual harassment as well. Solibi talks about how art healed her and discusses cyberbullying.

"The scary thing about hateful comments is, they make me blame myself," Solbi says in the film.

Soheili saw Solbi as "one of the first people to confront global problems of (malicious comments) rather than staying a victim," Solbi's agency said in a press release.

"Solbi not only expressed her anguish with color but also gave depth to the issue through art. I was impressed by Solbi's dedication to art working with a sense of duty from the very first meeting," the press release quoted Soheili as saying.

Solbi debuted as the main vocalist of dance hip-hop trio Typhoon in 2006 and has remained active since the release of her solo album in 2008. As both a singer and a painter, she has held solo exhibitions, presenting paintings with a unique style.

Solbi's works will be on show at the Year-end Young Artist Exhibition running from Saturday to Jan. 3, 2024 at Gallery Banditrazos in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul.