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Gangnam teen investigated for assaulting deliveryman with golf club

Nov. 27, 2023 - 15:16 By Moon Ki Hoon
An excerpt from the victim’s dashboard camera footage showing the moment of the attack (Online community Bobaedream)

In a shocking incident of violence in the wealthy district of Gangnam, Seoul, a teenager was arrested on Nov. 11 for attacking a deliveryman with a golf club in broad daylight. The assailant, identified only as a high school student, is now facing aggravated assault charges.

The incident came to light when the victim's dashboard camera footage was shared on YouTube on Nov. 24. The video shows the teen, dressed in shorts and carrying a backpack, striking a deliveryman on a motorcycle with a golf club as he drives past the gate of an apartment complex.

As the motorcycle stops, the suspect rather nonchalantly picks up his club from the street and walks away, ignoring the victim, who then attempts to confront him.

According to the YouTube channel that first posted the video, the deliveryman suffered injuries to his leg from the attack. The motorcycle was also seriously damaged, with repair costs estimated at 2.6 million won ($1,990) and a projected repair timeline of six months.

The alleged response from one of the suspect's parents drew ire from the public. According to the victim's account in the video, the assailant's father briefly apologized by phone and was unreachable thereafter.

Furthermore, when the victim asked for 30 million won in compensation, the father reportedly proposed to pay only half. The victim said he intends to file a criminal complaint to the police.

During the investigation, the teen perpetrator reportedly stated that he carried out the attack without any specific reason. He reportedly had a previous assault conviction.