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LG, UNESCO partner to promote AI ethics

Nov. 26, 2023 - 14:15 By Jie Ye-eun
Bae Kyung-hoon, chief of LG AI Research (left), shakes hands with Kim Soo-hyun, director of the UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau, after signing a letter of intent on an AI ethics partnership at LG Science Park in Seoul on Friday. (LG Corp.)

LG AI Research, LG Group's artificial intelligence think tank, said Sunday it has signed a letter of intent with UNESCO in Seoul to jointly foster knowledge and awareness of the ethics of AI.

LG highlighted the agreement as the first of its kind, where UNESCO has partnered with a Korean firm to promote the ethical development and use of AI technology.

Under the letter of intent, the two sides agreed to advance AI technology that would contribute to both humanity and sustainable development, seeking the implementation of AI ethical impact assessments and the development of effective governance models to ensure data privacy and security.

LG and UNESCO are planning to strengthen the capabilities of both the public and private sectors through massive open online courses, and produce educational materials on AI ethics. They will also work to promote awareness of AI ethics by hosting global events together.

In November 2021, UNESCO produced the first-ever global framework for the ethical use of AI, dubbed "The Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence," which was adopted by all 193 member states at its general conference. The United Nations scientific agency aims to shape the ethical development and deployment of AI technology while protecting human rights and dignity based on fundamental principles such as transparency and fairness.

LG's think tank also announced its AI ethics principles in August 2022 to build more responsible AI systems and has been running a task force for AI impact assessment and a working group for AI ethics with other group affiliates as the company puts more value on customers over technology.

"We look forward to fruitful outcomes through collaboration and across businesses, international organizations, academia and civil society to ensure AI’s responsible and trustworthy development within a framework of global trust,” LG AI Research chief Bae Kyung-hoon said.

"Our joint efforts will drive inclusive, multi-stakeholder collaboration, sharing diverse experiences and best practices to harness the power of AI for good," said Kim Soo-hyun, director of the UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau.