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Teacher under fire for classroom lingerie photos of former students

Nov. 23, 2023 - 14:12 By Park Jun-hee

A teacher on a fixed-term contract at a middle school in Seoul has come under fire for using school property to take photos of scantily clad former students for his social media account, as well as selling them as photo books.

The teacher, whose identity has been withheld, has been running the social media account since 2017, where he uploaded some 1,600 photographs of women posing suggestively for nearly 87,000 followers, his now-closed Instagram account showed.

Apart from running and posting such explicit material on the internet platform, the teacher also allegedly took pictures on school grounds, including the teacher’s office and the computer room, with adult models wearing school uniforms, according to reports. It was unclear whether any students or other staff members were present.

In addition, the teacher has reportedly sold photo books of the images.

The teacher, however, explained that he had only tried to help his former students who wished to try modeling. He added that he had set up a minimum age limit for the social media account to prevent minors from seeing the posts.

According to reports, the teacher has signed a contract with another school and has yet to be removed from his post.

Currently, under the Public Educational Officials Act, a contract-based, irregular teacher is not subject to disciplinary action or dismissal. Only the school principal can issue a verbal warning or terminate the contract.