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Hyundai Group launches women leadership program

Nov. 20, 2023 - 15:53 By Park Han-na
Hyundai Group Chairman Hyun Jeong-eun (right) speaks during the first session of the group's in-house leadership program for female employees held at the Art Sonje Center in central Seoul, Friday. (Hyundai Group)

Hyundai Group has kicked off its training program for nurturing aspiring female leaders who will guide the future of the conglomerate.

The in-house leadership program will run for the next three years with 20 women leaders above the manager level selected by the group, it said on Monday.

It will provide education programs to strengthen the capabilities of next-generation leaders such as an online course of master of business administration and design thinking, focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), which has recently emerged as a critical agenda in the business community.

For the first session of the leadership program, lectures and discussions related to "DEI Value Management" took place on Friday, followed by a lecture and exhibition tour at the Art Sonje Center in central Seoul.

Along with participants, Hyundai Group Chairman Hyun Jeong-eun toured installation works such as “Hangdog” by sculptor Jung Ji-hyun and "The Rain" by Lebanese artist Tarek Atoui, displayed at the gallery, and discussed creative attempts expressed from various perspectives.

“As seen in the art pieces we enjoyed today, I expect female leaders' unique sensitivity and soft skills to play a key role in establishing the foundation of the group's future growth,” she said.