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[팟캐스트] (534) 킬러 문항 빠지고 4년만의 '노 마스크' 수능 열린다 / 새 미니앨범 ‘락스타’로 돌아온 스트레이키즈

Nov. 16, 2023 - 08:43 By Kan Hyeong-woo
On Nov. 6, 10 days before this year's Suneung, students post messages of support for those taking the test on a bulletin board. (Yonhap)

진행자: 간형우, Ali Abbot

1. Suneung to take place Thursday, but without 'killer questions'

기사 요약: 킬러 문항 없이 열리는 수능, 역대급 N수생 몰린다

[1] The Suneung, South Korea's national college entrance exam, is less than a week away, with this year's test seeing a number of changes.

*entrance: 입구, 입장

*a number of ~ : 몇 가지의 ~

[2] The Education Ministry in June announced that it would exclude "killer questions" -- excessively difficult questions, the material for which is often not covered in the public education system.

*exclude: 제외하다

*excessively: 지나치게

*material: 재료

[3] The change came following President Yoon Suk Yeol's comments that such questions might create an excessive dependence on private education.

*dependence: 의존

[4] Meanwhile, the total number of applicants for the test decreased this year, while the percentage of retakers has reached its highest level in 28 years.

*retaker: 다시 하는 사람

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2. Billboard-topping boy band Stray Kids returns to 'rock'

기사 요약: 빌보드 200차트 강자 스트레이키즈, 새로운 미니앨범 '樂-STAR'(락스타)로 돌아왔다

[1] Three-time Billboard 200 chart-topper Stray Kids made a grand comeback Friday, this time as rock stars.

*A-time B-topper: B를 A번 우승한

*grand: 웅장한

[2] Marking the eight-member group's return after five months is EP "Rock-Star," which continues from the past album, "Five-Star," a mega-hit album that had landmark successes, including its third-straight Billboard 200 No. 1 hit.

*landmark: 역사적인, 기록적인, 획기적인

[3] It was a highly anticipated return, and the eight men were overflowing with renewed charisma as they went in front of the press on Friday morning during a press conference, decked out in simple yet classy black suits matching their bold demeanor.

*anticipated: 기대하던

*decked out in: ~로 차려입은

*demeanor: 행실, 태도

[4] An eased touch to the mood was discernible, as with the new album, Stray Kids said they loosened up on their iconic spiciness to go more easy, reveling in the glory of life.

*discernible: 분명한, 확실한

*loosen up: 긴장을 풀다

*revel in ~ : ~에 열중하다, ~을 한껏 즐기다

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