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Action-packed series lined up for Chuseok

Sept. 28, 2023 - 13:11 By Lee Si-jin
"Song of the Bandits" (Netflix)

Different styles of Korean action series are being released during the six-day Chuseok holiday this week.

Disney+, the flagship streaming service of US media giant Walt Disney Co, showcased a new crime thriller “The Worst of Evil” on Wednesday.

The 12-part series tells the story of the biggest drug ring in Northeast Asia and its boss, Jung Ki-cheol, played by “Squid Game” star Wi Ha-jun.

Co-starring actor Ji Chang-wook takes the role of an undercover police officer, who is assigned to reveal the mysteries behind the ring’s crimes.

With dark yet romantic aesthetics, the noir features hard-boiled, hand-to-hand combat with fists and knives.

"The Worst of Evil" (Walt Disney Co. Korea)

Cable channel tvN is scheduled to present a special edition of its latest fantasy series “The Sword of Aramun” on Saturday.

The special episode will give a solid summary of the six episodes, which have been released since the show’s premiere on Sept. 9.

With the setting of a mythical land called “Arth” in the early Bronze Age, “The Sword of Aramun” depicts a power struggle among competing chieftains for the throne of the very first nation.

Go-to action star and fan favorite Lee Joon-gi plays the lead character and Ago tribe’s leader Eunseom.

A desperate battle between the Arthdal Kingdom and the Ago tribes to decide the true ruler of Arthdal depicted in large-scale and formidable war scenes are especially noteworthy.

“The Sword of Aramun” is available on streaming platforms Tving and Disney+.

"The Sword of Aramun" (tvN)

Meanwhile, Netflix’s new period drama “Song of the Bandits,” which premiered on Sept. 22, offers breathtaking actions with exploding artilleries and gunshots in the lawless Gando region in 1920.

Set during the Japanese colonial period, the series revolves around a group of bandits, who are fighting to survive under Japanese suppression and China’s discrimination against foreigners.

Unlike many Korean projects, the series is greatly inspired by the Western genre, which are typically set in dusty towns, desert-like wilderness and presents dynamic gunfights.

Veteran actor Kim Nam-gil, who already made his name as an action star in various projects including the 2009 hit period drama “The Great Queen Seondeok,” plays the leader of the bandits Lee Yoon.

Carrying an iconic Winchester rifle, Kim presents stylish gunplays and jousting actions.

Snipers showdown, axe throwing and more are added to bring thrills to the exciting stories of “Song of the Bandits.”

"Song of the Bandits" (Netflix)
From left: Poster images of "The Sword of Aramun," "Song of the Bandits" and "The Worst of Evil" (tvN, Netflix, Walt Disney Co. Korea)