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Kakao completes its first own data center

Following last year’s worst-server shutdown, IT giant's first in-house data center to become fully operational by Q1 next year

Sept. 26, 2023 - 15:47 By Moon Joon-hyun
Kakao Data Center Ansan, the company's first in-house data facility, stands within the premises of Hanyang University's ERICA campus in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province. (Kakao)

South Korean IT giant Kakao, having suffered from its worst-ever server shutdown last year, has completed its first in-house data center in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province, the company said Tuesday.

The new facility, called Kakao Data Center Ansan, spans 47,378 square meters within Hanyang University’s ERICA campus in the industrial city, some 29 kilometers south of Seoul. It is expected to become fully operational by the first quarter next year.

"Our gratitude extends to both Ansan City and Hanyang University for helping us build an efficient, resilient, and eco-friendly data facility. This advanced infrastructure will be a cornerstone in our dedication to providing everyone with reliable services,” Kakao CEO Hong Eun-taek said during an opening speech.

The completion ceremony was attended by over 100 people, including Hanyang University President Lee Ki-jeong, Ansan Mayor Lee Min-geun, Ansan City Council Vice Chairman Lee Jin-bun, regional community representatives, and construction personnel.

Kakao said the new facility was a “hyperscale” center that can accommodate 120, 000 servers and archive 6 exabytes of data. Following the setup of its operating system and after rigorous testing, the facility will kick off its full operations next year.

The center has been constructed with safeguards against natural disasters, equipped with earthquake-resistant designs and multi-tiered fire response systems.

Aligning with sustainable protocols, the facility also integrates renewable energy mechanisms and efficient waste management cycles.

During its establishment, Kakao actively collaborated with local businesses, supporting regional events like the Ansan Science Valley Science Festival and contributing to Hanyang University's ERICA Campus development fund.

Moving forward, in partnership with Hanyang University and Ansan City, Kakao aims to spur industry-academia collaboration and regional economic growth.

The need for Kakao to operate its own infrastructure became more urgent after a fire at its SK C&C data center in Pangyo last October resulted in a major service disruption spanning five days.

Following the incident, Hong committed to investing 460 billion won ($342 million) in a new data center.