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Seoul launches annual pet festival

Oct. 1, 2023 - 16:01 By Cho Min-jeong
(Seoul Metropolitan Government)

Seoul City has announced that it will host the 2023 Seoul Pet Festival at the Pyeonghwa Plaza in the World Cup Park on Oct. 8. The festival, the first of its kind in Seoul, will feature a variety of programs, including experiences and lectures.

One of the notable events at the festival is the Fashion Run, which starts at 10 a.m. after a warm-up exercise at 9:30 a.m. It is a walking competition where participants, accompanied by their pets, wear matching outfits or accessories and complete a course around the park.

People can apply for participation from Sept. 19 to Oct. 4 on the preregistration website or register on-site on the day of the event.

Teams that complete the course will receive certificates, eco bags, blankets and promotional materials for pet adoption provided by Seoul City. There will also be a citizen vote for the best-dressed team, with prizes awarded to the winners.

If owners want to learn about the hidden behaviors of pets, they can attend expert lectures starting at 1 p.m. Through lectures by trainer Kang Hyung-wook and veterinarian Na Eung-sik, pet owners can gain valuable information about pet language, behavior concerns, and proper pet care.

Owners can also experience the pet dog skills test, which was previously only available to those who excelled in the written test of the pet owner certification exam. If owners have ever wondered if they and their pets are walking together correctly, they can check their "pet etiquette" level during the practical skills test, which simulates various situations like unexpected encounters and crosswalks.

Other programs include guided walks with adoptable dogs, free pet health check-ups and microchipping by the Seoul Veterinary Association, pet behavior correction counseling, pet aromatherapy massage education and making cat toys. Fun activities like the Wait Command competition, which awards a dog that can wait the longest, and a pet knowledge quiz will also take place.

For the comfort of pet owners and their companions, there will be designated rest areas with tents and parasols.

(Cho Min-jeong/The Korea Herald)

Seoul City designated Oct. 4 as Seoul Animal Welfare Day starting in 2024 through an amendment to the Seoul Animal Protection Ordinance on May 22 of this year, and they plan to hold commemorative events every year.

Yoo Young-bong, the director of the Parks and Recreation Bureau, hopes this event would be an opportunity for pet owners and their pets to create happy memories and establish a mature pet culture. "In the future, the city will continue to work harder to improve the welfare of pets and the quality of life for pet owners," he said.