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Evnne aims for the bull's-eye with debut album 'Target: ME'

Sept. 20, 2023 - 14:33 By Hong Yoo
Evnne introduces its debut album 'Target: ME' during a press conference in Seoul on Tuesday. (Jellyfish Entertainment)

Jellyfish Entertainment’s new boy group made its grand debut on Tuesday with its first mini album “Target: ME.”

Evnne consists of seven members who took part in Mnet’s idol survival program “Boys Planet” but failed to make it into the final debut team.

Their experience in the competitive show has nurtured them into skilled K-pop artists capable of singing and rapping live while dancing, as shown with their performance of the fast-tempo debut title track “Trouble.”

“The title track is of the Baltimore Club genre composed with tense rhythms over 808 bass and addictive brass riff. We tried to portray wild and attractive mischievous boys that change the world in this song,” said Yoo Seung-eon of Evnne during a press conference in Seoul on Tuesday.

The rookies premiered the performance of the title track during the press conference during which they boasted remarkable dancing skills in the hook of the song which breaks down to numerous beats.

While singing the high-energy song, the boys' facial expressions, perfectly aligned choreography and accurate pitch made for an impressive performance.

“We thought this single could best depict our group identity as it is a wild song of a genre that is not quite common in the K-pop scene,” said Park Han-bin.

Evnne stands for “Evening’s Newest Etoiles,” and the group said it hopes to attract people’s attention by shining bright in the highest position like new stars that shine in the darkest hours.

The leader of the group, Keita, debuted back in 2021 as a member of the K-pop boy group Ciipher.

“This is a redebut so there is a lot of pressure for me. But I am happy to have this new opportunity with Evnne members. I look forward to what’s to come and hope to show the best of me,” said Keita, who is from Japan.

Evnne members also proved they are talented lyricists, with Keita, Ji Yun-seo and Lee Jeong-hyeon having taken part in writing the lyrics to some of the tracks in the album, including side tracks "Jukebox" and "Even More."

“It was a good experience for us to take part in bringing up our debut album. All of our members are really passionate about music and love to give ideas. I think we will be able to introduce our own music in the future,” said Keita.

“We are grateful for all the love and support of our fans who have given us a second chance to pursue our dreams. We still have a lot to show so please look forward to our growth,” said Yoo Seung-eon.