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SC Bank’s new commercial features Kim Young-ok

Sept. 19, 2023 - 14:19 By Mun So-jeong
Actress Kim Young-ok seen in SC Bank Korea's advertisement for its new Jaeil EZ account product (SC Bank Korea)

Standard Chartered Bank Korea said Tuesday it started a commercial campaign for its new savings product featuring Kim Young-ok, the oldest working actress in Korea.

Under the slogan “You still don’t know? Let’s be clear! Jaeil EZ account,” the new commercial features Kim, 85, as a restaurant owner, telling diners the benefits of the new Jaeil EZ account in a humorous and friendly manner.

The bank also chose Korean rock band Itzi’s “Emergency Room” as the campaign song. It will also reveal reworkings of “Emergency Room” in genres including trot and hip-hop next month.

According to the bank, the Jaeil EZ account promises first-time customers interest rates of up to 3.6 percent per year regardless of term deposit. The product offers a basic daily interest rate of 2.6 percent. Newcomers can enjoy an additional 1 percent interest rate for the first six months without any additional restrictions.

The 3.6 percent interest rate is among the highest offered by local commercial banks.

Adding to the outstanding interest rate, it also exempts the account users from mobile banking transfer fees, ATM withdrawal charges as well as automatic wire transfer fees.

“Jeil EZ account is continuously drawing customers’ attention with high interest rates,” said Bae Soon-chang, the head of SC Bank Korea’s savings product department. “This new catchy commercial will efficiently introduce our product’s benefits to our new clients.”