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[Herald Review] Blackpink finale concert 'Born Pink' in Seoul hints at 'more to come'

Sept. 18, 2023 - 16:23 By Hong Yoo
Blackpink's 'Born Pink' tour finale at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on Sunday. (YG Entertainment)

Blackpink marked the end of its yearlong world tour “Born Pink” back in Seoul with a two-day concert at Gocheok Sky Dome that attracted 35,000 people.

Fans from various nationalities dressed in black and pink had gathered to see the finale of what could be the band's last concert for a while.

As the lights dimmed to signal the beginning of the finale, fans chanted “Blackpink” until the stars appeared on center stage amid shooting pink laser beams to perform the first song on the set list, “Pink Venom.”

“Seoul city, are you ready for the finale? Let’s get crazy tonight,” member Jennie cried out.

Blackpink's 'Born Pink' tour finale at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on Sunday. (YG Entertainment)

The finale on Sunday night was reminiscent of the group's headliner performance at Coachella this year, as some of the musical arrangements used for the band's performance at the US music festival were also used at the finale.

The main stage was designed to look like the roof of a hanok -- a traditional Korean house -- a feature that was praised by many foreign media at Blackpink's Coachella performance.

The mega-dance crew and the live band session enhanced the vibe.

After the first five performances came the quartet's solo performances that began with Jennie performing her solo singles “Solo” and “You & Me.”

She appeared with a black veil over her face, which she removed as she began her performance.

Her dance break with a male dancer during “You & Me” was remarkable, as she showed off fairy-like choreography.

Then Rose appeared on a lift, singing her solo single “Gone.”

She left the audience in awe only with her voice as she focused on singing, without any choreography.

After “Gone,” Rose did not forget to show her dancing skills with the song “On the ground.”

Jisoo, the last member of the quartet who debuted as a soloist early this year, performed her single “Flower” dressed in a flower-patterned black mini dress.

Last but not least was Lisa, who appeared on a lift and took over the stage with her powerful performance of “Money.”

After the solo performances, Blackpink boasted its chemistry as a long-run group. The band marked its seventh anniversary this year.

The members exchanged eye contact and smiles with each other while performing, which when projected on the wide screens at the venue, made fans go wild.

The audience sang along to the quartet's mega-hit songs such as “Kill This Love” and “Love Sick Girls.”

They jumped up and down and danced along with the artists, enjoying the night to the fullest.

“Different from our previous concerts, I am getting emotional after each performance, as this is our last concert. We hope that every one of you gets to enjoy today’s concert until the end,” said Jennie.

One of the fanciest performances during the finale was “Typa Girl."

Blackpink members appeared inside big feather fans carried onstage by the dance crew one by one, like a scene out of a musical.

The members also appeared on a moving stage to get closer to fans and give out gifts during their encore performance.

Blackpink's 'Born Pink' tour finale at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on Sunday. (YG Entertainment)

“Thank you Blinks for making an unforgettable memory with us. I am so grateful that all four of us could finish this tour safely without getting hurt or sick. This is all thanks to you because you gave us the energy,” said Jisoo, wrapping up the concert. Blinks refer to Blackpink's fandom.

“I remember the day when we had our first world tour about four years ago, and it feels like yesterday. During the past few months, we’ve been on numerous flights, and it was nice to get closer to Blinks around the world,” said Rose.

Lisa had a lot of things she wanted to share with her fans, for which she wrote down a letter on her phone and read out loud during the concert.

“Thanks to Blinks, we could put on many performances. It wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thank you for being with us when the weather was both good and bad. Thank you for making our twenties shine,” said Lisa.

“I really want to say that all our members worked hard for this tour. Because we support each other, we could come this far. Looking back at our seven-year journey as Blackpink, we noticed how we could not meet with our Korean Blinks often as we were performing in diverse countries trying to show the best of us. That’s why we wanted to do the finale in Seoul. Thank you Blinks for all your love and support. We will continue to show the best of us as Blackpink,” said Jennie.

Jennie’s remark gave hope to Blackpink fans who wish to see more of the group. The members' exclusive contract with YG Entertainment recently expired, and whether they will all re-sign to continue as Blackpink has yet to be announced.

Performing “As If It's Your Last,” the group wrapped up its “Born Pink” tour, which garnered 1.8 million concertgoers for its 66 shows in 34 different cities around the world.