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LG CNS, XYZ Robotics push for e-commerce logistics robot biz

Sept. 17, 2023 - 15:32 By Jie Ye-eun
Lee Jun-ho, head of the smart logistics division at LG CNS, (right) poses for a photo with XYZ Robotics CEO Jiaji Zhou at the Korean IT solutions provider's headquarters in Seoul last week. (LG CNS)

South Korean IT solutions provider LG CNS said Sunday it has teamed up with a Chinese artificial intelligence-powered robotic solutions firm to carry out joint projects in domestic e-commerce logistics centers.

The two firms signed a memorandum of understanding to integrate Shanghai-based XYZ Robotics’ robot solutions with LG’s robotic integrated operations platform. Additionally, all robot solutions provided by the newly integrated platform will be offered via the robot as a service model -- in which robotics companies provide clients with the use of their robot devices via a subscription-based contract -- according to LG CNS.

LG CNS said XYZ has excellent technology in the field of three-dimensional vision, which corresponds to the robot's eyes, and also has excellent capabilities in designing and manufacturing grippers, or the robot's hands.

The Korean IT solutions provider introduced its operations platform, which incorporates real-time analysis of customer orders using digital technologies such as AI and big data, in July.

The warehouse execution system featured in the platform can optimize product classification and movement sequences, while the warehouse control system can closely control, monitor and analyze robots.

Under the partnership, they already kicked off the first project by applying the platform palletizing and depalletizing robots at logistics centers here. A palletizing robot is an industrial machine that can transfer, sort and stack boxes or items onto a pallet, while a depalletizing robot can unload materials from a pallet, usually onto a production line.

“The logistics automation market has transitioned from the digital transformation, where AI and big data were applied across processes, to the robot transformation era, where robots are effectively utilized for every aspect,” said Lee Jun-ho, head of the smart logistics division at LG CNS.

Meanwhile, LG CNS is also carrying out a proof of concept to convert about a 165-square-meter space previously used as a gas station into a micro fulfillment center using its robot integrated operations platform and Ieum 5G network.

A proof of concept is an early-stage demonstration confirming whether a technology can deliver the desired outcome. Ieum 5G is a service provided by a company other than the three main telecommunication firms here that builds their own 5G networks with government permission to provide services.