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[Box office] Movies in theaters this week

Sept. 15, 2023 - 09:01 By Kim Da-sol


(South Korea)

Opened Sept. 6


Directed by Jason Yu

A pregnant Soo-jin (Jung Yu-mi) discovers that her husband, Hyun-soo (Lee Sun-kyun), has started exhibiting strange behaviors while asleep. Overcome with anxiety that he may be a danger to the family, Soo-jin goes to great lengths to protect them and their baby.

“A Haunting in Venice”


Opened Sept. 13


Directed by Kenneth Branagh

Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot returns to his peaceful, ordinary life in Venice, Italy. There, his long-time friend, Ariadne Oliver, asks him to investigate a murder at a haunted palazzo during a Halloween seance.



Opened Aug. 15


Directed by Christopher Nolan

Physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer is appointed to lead the top-secret Manhattan Project. Oppenheimer and his fellow scientists are directly involved in developing the atomic bomb from scratch, without knowing their research would forever change the course of history.

“Honey Sweet”

(South Korea)

Opened Aug. 15


Directed by Lee Han

Chi-ho (Yoo Hae-jin), a nerdy, workaholic researcher at a confectionery company falls in love with Il-young (Kim Hee-sun), a single mother and a remarkably passionate and optimistic telemarketer at a money lending company.