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Resolution pushed to urge China not to repatriate North Koreans

Sept. 13, 2023 - 18:37 By Kim Arin
Rep. Ji Seong-ho speaks at a summit of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China in Prague on Sept. 3. (courtesy of Ji office)

South Korea’s ruling party is preparing a resolution to stop the possible forced repatriation of more than 2,600 North Korean defectors detained in China.

The People Power Party said Wednesday that it has begun a discussion to adopt the resolution as the party platform, and submit what would be a party-wide resolution to the National Assembly as soon as possible.

Speaking at a party leadership meeting Tuesday, Rep. Ji Seong-ho, a former North Korea escapee, said that the repatriation of North Korean defectors was feared to take place immediately after the Asian Games in China’s Hangzhou.

“Our party, as a party that believes in human rights for all, must mobilize all of our capabilities and actively work with the international community to stop North Koreans who are on the verge of being forcibly repatriated.” he said.

“As the world turns its eyes to China for the Asian Games, this may be the last opportunity to prevent the mass deportation of North Koreans, who will be sent back to face human rights abuses of the most atrocious kind.”

Earlier this month, Ji attended a three-day summit of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China in Prague. At the summit, the alliance adopted a resolution agreeing to pressure respective governments and make diplomatic efforts to urge the Chinese government not to repatriate North Korean defectors.