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Kang Ha-neul, Jung So-min reunite as couple with amnesia in ‘30 Days’

Sept. 6, 2023 - 14:17 By Kim Da-sol
“30 Days” (Mind Mark)

Actors Kang Ha-neul and Jung So-min have reunited in upcoming romantic comedy “30 Days” as a couple with amnesia going through a comical divorce.

"30 Days" revolves around Jung-yeol (Kang), an intelligent lawyer, and his wife Nara (Jung), who works in the film industry as a passionate producer. Despite their initial cute, idyllic newlywed life, the quirks that made them fall in love with each other eventually drive nerdy Jung-yeol and quick-tempered Nara apart.

They agree to a divorce after a 30-day settlement period at the local court, but the couple gets hit by a car on the way back home and they are diagnosed with amnesia.

Kang, who is no stranger to comedic roles, having starred in “Twenty” (2015) alongside Jung, “Midnight Runners” (2017) and “When the Camellia Blooms” (2019), said his latest work made him think if he really had to go so far for the role.

“Everyone has their loser-kind of moment in their lives, and I thought this character can well-represent that to the audience in the film. But while acting, I was really hit by the thought if it’s OK to look very much like a loser and a nerd,” Kang told reporters during a press conference held in Lotte Cinema Konkuk University in Seoul, Wednesday.

Director Nam Dae-jung said Kang is the "one and only actor" versatile enough to show both handsomeness and nerdiness in the same character, and was great to work with on set.

“I was sure that Kang can play a significant role in this happy and fun film, which also removed the cliches of a comedy flick. He is also an actor who exerts clean, happy energy and positively changed the atmosphere on set like an air purifier,” Nam said. The film completed shooting earlier this year.

Nam, having worked with Jung on the previous film “Homme Fatale” (2019), said it was comfortable and familiar for him to portray Jung as a lively, fun character.

“To be honest, Jung is actually a very funny person with very good reactions off-screen. I think I showed too many of her comical sides that even I'm worried this could be her very last work,” Nam said jokingly.

Jung said while she personally loves doing comedy projects, it's not something she takes lightly.

"As there is a saying that life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but comedy in long-shot, I tried to immerse into Nara's character as much as possible,” said Jung.

Kang and Jung are joined by comedy acting veterans Yoon Kyung-ho and Kim Sun-young, as well as fresh faces such as model Song Hae-na and comedian Eom Ji-yoon.

The casting of various entertainers, Nam said, was an attempt to break the mold of the typical comedy formula.

“30 Days” opens in local theaters on Oct. 3.

“30 Days” (Mind Mark)