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‘A Time Called You’ to recreate iconic series in its own way

Director hopes his Korean remake of 'Someday or One Day' will repeat success of mega-hit Taiwanese series

Sept. 5, 2023 - 15:20 By Lee Si-jin

"A Time Called You" (Netflix)

“A Time Called You” director Kim Jin-won and actors Jeon Yeo-been, Ahn Hyo-seop and Kang Hoon are confident that the series' remake will be worth watching in its own right.

Kim, who was a fan of the original Taiwanese series, “Someday or One Day,” said that balancing new changes in the remake with the original elements was his greatest challenge.

“After hearing that a remake of ‘Someday or One Day’ would be made in Korea, I actually didn't want the creators to try to recreate the beloved series exactly. When I was presented with an opportunity to lead the remake project, I decided without hesitation to direct the series,” Kim said during a press conference held at the Ambassador Seoul -- A Pullman Hotel in Jung-gu, central Seoul, Monday.

Director Kim Jin-won speaks about "A Time Called You" at a press conference held at the Ambassador Seoul -- A Pullman Hotel in Jung-gu, central Seoul, Monday. (Netflix)

Kim hoped to pique the interest of “Someday or One Day” viewers by recreating some of the iconic scenes in his own way.

“There are many beloved scenes in the original work that I personally loved, as well. I wanted fans of the drama to be curious and enjoy the way in which those elements are presented by the talented Korean actors,” he said.

From left: Actors Kang Hoon, Jeon Yeo-been, Ahn Hyo-seop and director Kim Jin-won pose for photos before a press conference at the Ambassador Seoul -- A Pullman Hotel in Jung-gu, central Seoul, Monday. (Netflix)

While Jeon, who plays the female lead, enjoyed the original Taiwanese show, Ahn and Kang were not familiar with “Someday or One Day” and the director asked them not to watch the show beforehand.

“I felt the actors would be influenced (in a certain direction) if they watched the original work. There is also a chance that they might mimic some of the original actors’ gestures and performances without realizing it,” Kim said.

“Most of the story may remain the same. But, I felt that the two male leads could create a different tone and present the characters in a unique way if they didn't watch the original project," he added.

The director continued to explain that “A Time Called You” can be viewed as a twin brother or sister to “Someday or One Day.”

“The two series may look alike, but they have different MBTIs. They have different personalities. I am sure many viewers, whether they loved ‘Someday or One Day’ or have not watched it, will enjoy the show and the original soundtracks performed by Korean artists,” Kim added. MBTI refers to the Myers-Briggs personality test, a popular way of defining personality types in Korea.

The 12-part series is about a time traveling love story of a young woman named Jun-hee (played by Jeon).

After losing her lover in a mysterious accident in 2022, Jun-hee receives a cassette tape which allows her to travel back in time to 1998. With her memory as Jun-hee intact, she begins a new life as Min-joo, a high school girl.

One day, the character encounters Si-heon, a classmate who resembles her late boyfriend.

The story continues as Si-heon’s best friend In-kyu falls in love with Min-joo and a love triangle develops.

“A Time Called You” will be available exclusively on Netflix on Sept. 8.