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45 winners get prize for Korea Herald English Speech Contest

Aug. 25, 2023 - 16:39 By Lee Jung-joo
Winners of the 52nd Korea Herald English Speech Contest pose for photos at the Australian Embassy in the Republic of Korea in Gwanghwamun, central Seoul on Thursday. (Courtesy of Yoon Han-na)

The award ceremony for the 52nd Korea Herald English Speech Contest was held on Thursday at the Australian Embassy in Gwanghwamun, central Seoul.

The Australian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea Catherine Raper, Deputy Head of Mission at the Australian Embassy to the Republic of Korea Alexandra Siddall, The Korea Herald CEO Choi Jin-young, Vice President Shin Yong-bae and Managing Editor Lee Joo-hee were in attendance.

“Some of the issues we face are daunting. But when I hear you speak with such energy and enthusiasm, I’m excited by the possibilities of tomorrow,” said Raper, addressing the winners.

“Looking at each and every one of you makes me feel so proud,” said Choi. “I believe that all of you can do your part to shape not just the future of South Korea, but for world peace and the advancement of civilization.”

This year's topics were traditional heritage and the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. The contest saw a total of 45 winners.

Ahn Si-hwan took first place in the kindergarten group. Lim Ji-woo and Lee Jun-sung took first place in the domestic elementary school group, and Kim Min-ji took first place in the domestic junior high group.

Im Ji-won and Lee Na-yoon placed first in the international elementary school group, while Abigail Cho took the top prize in the international junior high group.

Another 14 came in second place, while 21 were awarded third place.

Three winners -- Lee Na-yoon, Han Ju-i and Im Ji-won -- also demonstrated their award-winning speeches in front of the award ceremony attendants.

“I never believed the saying, ‘Practice makes perfect,’" said Im Ji-won. “But now, after being a part of this contest, I do believe that practicing a lot will help you get better at English speaking.”

The event also recognized Gate Academy, Holga Christian Academy and KHIA International Academy for their excellence in turning out high-performing students.

All contest winners were named honorary reporters of The Korea Herald.