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[팟캐스트] (518) 교권침해 사례 분출, 교사들도 보호가 필요하다 / '코스모스' 저자 딸 사샤 세이건, "우주에서도 책임감 가져라"

July 27, 2023 - 10:20 By Jo He-rim
Members of the Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union, known as Jeon Gyojo, hold a rally near Cheonggye Stream in central Seoul over the recent death of an elementary school teacher in Seoul's Seocho-gu, Saturday. (Yonhap)

진행자: 조혜림, Naomi Ng

1. ‘Like students, teachers deserve protection of their rights in schools’

기사요약: 서울 서초구 초1 교사 사망사건 이후 그간 방치되어 온 교권침해 사례들이 수면 위로 올라왔다. 현장 교사들은 그간 겪었던 고충을 쏟아내며 교권 강화를 위한 법적 대책 마련을 촉구한다.

[1] Koh, a 23-year-old elementary teacher with two years of experience working at an elementary school in Busan, had a sixth-grade male student in her class last year who inflicted harm on himself in front of his peers, vomited every morning in class, skipped classes and assaulted teachers. But she wasn’t able to protect either herself or other students because the school refused to remove the student from the class, she said.

*inflict harm: 해를 끼치다

*peer: 또래, 동료

*assault: 폭행, 공격하다

[2] She called for enacting a law that improves working conditions for teachers, including recruiting teachers that are specifically for at-risk or special needs students and creating an administrative body solely dealing with parental complaints so that educators can minimize contact with such issues.

*enact: (법을) 제정하다

*at-risk: (특히 가정에서) 위험한 환경에 있는

*solely: 오로지, 단독으로

[3] “On top of everything else, schools are taking part in silencing a student’s misconduct or parents’ complaints instead of helping teachers, which gives parents more say in school affairs. Also, it could lead to peer pressure, resulting in more impudent students,” Park said.

*On top of everything else: 그 어느 것 보다도, 다른 걸 다 떠나서

*peer pressure: 또래 사이의 관계에서 느끼는 압박감, 사회적 압력

*impudent: 무례한, 버릇없는


2. [Beyond Earth] ‘We are part of something much more grand than we ever imagined’

기사요약: 세계적인 천문학자 칼 세이건의 딸 사샤 세이건이 코리아헤럴드와의 인터뷰에서 우주에 있어 인류의 책임감을 강조했다.

[1] Sasha Sagan, daughter of the late Carl Sagan, says what the human species has found out about space so far is already satisfying, but the bigger scope of the universe is awe-inspiring.

In 2019, Sasha Sagan wrote "For Small Creatures Such as We" to explore the sense of wonder and beauty of rituals in the most common occasions in life.

*late: 고(故)

*awe-inspiring: 완전히 영감을 불러일으키다

[2] Her dad Carl Sagan, one of the most renowned astronomers in history and probably the best-known astronomer of the 20th century, narrated and co-wrote the Emmy-winning 1980 TV series "Cosmos: A Personal Voyage" with his wife Ann Druyan. The show has been watched by over 500 million people in 60 countries. He also wrote bestseller "Cosmos" to accompany the series.

*renowned: 유명한, 명성 있는

*accompany: 동반하다

[3] She also underlined that as the space race heats up even further -- with private firms now entering the fray -- some level of accountability was needed, because the universe is not something humans can simply use and discard.

“I hope that we all as a species take some responsibility once we are leaving the Earth’s atmosphere. We must think about how our actions may impact what’s out there,” said Sagan. “I hope we go with a sense of responsibility that not everything we encounter is ours to just dispose of.”

*underline: 강조하다

*enter the fray: 설전에 가담하다

*accountability: 책임

*dispose of: ~을 처리하다, 폐기하다


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