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[Best Brand] Yamaha aims to enhance motorcycle safety

June 28, 2023 - 15:21 By Yu Ji-soo
Yamaha XMAX 300 (Yamaha Motor Company)

Yamaha Motor Company has been a pioneer in making motorcycles safer and more convenient by developing and incorporating cutting-edge electronic safety equipment.

In particular, the all-new XMAX 300 sports scooter, recently released in South Korea under the distributor Hankook Motor Company, touts such innovative technology, making it a viable option for riders who want to be safer on the road.

The vehicle comes with an anti-lock brake system and a traction control system, Yamaha said, which instantly reduces driving force to the rear wheel when a possible slip is detected.

In terms of convenience specifications, the scooter comes with enough trunk space to fit two helmets as well as an adjustable screen and handlebars.

It also incorporates smart technology such as a keyless ignition and smartphone connectivity for sharing a range of information – from vehicle conditions to recommended maintenance periods – to prevent accidents.

This includes the sharing of track information using satellites to calculate the distance and speed of vehicles that are approaching one another, as well as pre-braking, deceleration and route changes to prevent collisions.

Yamaha plans to install this smartphone connectivity feature, dubbed Yamaha Motorcycle Connect, in all models by 2027.

The company also has other safety technology under its belt. This includes a radar-linked unified brake system that automatically distributes braking force from rider inputs to both wheels, an adaptive cruise control function that automatically controls the distance with a preceding vehicle, and an advanced motorcycle stability assist system currently in the commercialization stage.

Yamaha is also contributing to a culture of motorcycle safety by consistently addressing the importance of good driving skills, such as proper risk perception, situation judgment and execution of control. Accordingly, the company has been providing educational safety courses taught by certified instructors since 2017.

Through these various efforts, Yamaha aims to reduce motorcycle accident casualties by 50 percent or more by 2030 compared to levels reported in 2020.