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[Best Brand] Uptown Cocktails jazzes up Korean drink market

June 28, 2023 - 15:01 By Yu Ji-soo
Uptown Cocktails' Strawberry Margarita and Margarita cocktails (Uptown Cocktails)

Uptown Cocktails, a leading cocktail brand in the US, has hit the Korean market with its high-quality products with vibrant designs while delivering a memorable taste.

Southern Champion, the brand’s producer, and The IB Korea, the wholesale retailer for the brand, have brought the Uptown Margarita, Blue Hawaiian and Pina Colada flavors to South Korea, which are now available for purchase. Another flavor, Caribbean Punch, will also be available in the second half of the year.

Uptown Margarita is a ready-to-drink, premade cocktail that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone without having to manually prepare a separate cocktail. Made with a 100 percent agave wine base, it provides a deeper flavor than vodka-based drinks.

Its natural lime flavor and fruity aroma also pair well with tonic water, soda, or carbonated water in a ratio of 8 to 2 or 5 to 5 and served with ice, creating a fun and flavorful experience.

Blue Hawaiian, on the other hand, combines rich coconut, fresh pineapple juice and citrus flavors, producing a taste reminiscent of a vacation on a beach. It is even more refreshing when sipped with tonic or carbonated water.

Pina Colada sits on the same tropical shelf as Blue Hawaiian with its sweet combination of cream, pineapple juice and smooth coconut. This flavor is also recommended to mix with tonic or carbonated water to enhance the coconut aroma, The IB Korea said.

Available in 1,500-milliliter bottles suitable for camping, parties and family gatherings, Uptown Cocktails products can be found in nationwide discount retailers such as Emart Traders and Lotte Mart as well as liquor stores like Wine and More.

Additionally, Southern Champion’s other alcoholic drink brand, Buzz Ballz, has been targeting younger consumers with its unique, fruit-shaped bottles.

Buzz Balls is available in South Korea at GS25 convenience stores, GS Fresh Mall and Hyundai Department Stores in 187-milliliter bottles. Flavors include lime, chocolate, strawberry and mango.