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[Best Brand] Metamix aims to provide quality supplements through innovative development

June 28, 2023 - 14:21 By Yu Ji-soo
Metamix 6-Year Red Ginseng Daily Stick (Future Wellcare)

The health supplement market has been seeing increasing demand as people prioritize their immunity and well-being, especially after the global COVID-19 pandemic. Mirae Wellcare aims to cater to those needs by providing affordable and healthy products to consumers.

Accordingly, its health supplement brand, Metamix, offers a variety of health-boosting supplements while simultaneously contributing to a culture of sustainability.

Metamix products, such as the 10 Billion Probiotics and Lutein Eye Care Mini, contain raw materials that have been certified under strict standards, the brand said.

The brand has also been incorporating eco-friendly subsidiary materials into its products as part of its environmental, social and corporate governance practices.

With the recent release of their newest product, the 6-Year Red Ginseng Daily Stick, they intend to expand overseas through efforts such as exporting this supplement and various others.

The brand is also working on the development of personalized supplement subscription services provided through artificial intelligence technology. They currently hold intellectual property rights related to this business endeavor.

"Although many companies have been launching a plethora of functional health supplements, consumers often remain confused about what to take and how to take it," a Metamix official said.

“This is why we are creating a personalized subscription and health management service. Our goal is to always satisfy consumers with quality products, for which we are constantly investing in research and development and new innovative technologies.”

Through these efforts, Metamix is expected to spark a new trend of "K-Health Food" with its differentiated products and advanced competitiveness, as concluded based on the collection of online and offline health supplement distribution data over the past few years.

Additionally, Mirae Wellcare strives to secure a sustainable business model by establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with various companies, generating profits and giving back to society. They also sponsor the Korean Olympians Association.