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[팟캐스트] (513) 전당포 찾는 2030세대/ 고위급 탈북자 감시 강화하는 북한

June 22, 2023 - 10:36 By Kim Hae-yeon
This image depicts a reenacted pawn shop from the past, with iron bars serving as a safety barrier between the owner and clients. (Seoul Metropolitan Archives)

진행자: 김혜연, Ali Abbot

[1] Cash-strapped young Koreans turn to pawn shops

기사 요약: 경제 불황 속 생활비 마련위해 전당포를 찾기 시작한 2030 청년세대

Pawn shops have been seen as relics of the past, from a time when instant cash loans were not so readily available with just a few clicks. But though many perished, a new breed of shops has emerged, catering to clients who possess expensive gadgets or luxury goods but are temporarily cash-strapped.

* readily (이용할 수 있도록) 준비가 된

* perished 소멸되다

* cash-strapped 재정난에 처한, 금전적으로 어려운

Lee Yong-seok’s shop in Seoul's bustling Hongdae specializes in loans secured against tech gadgets. In contrast to the traditional image of pawn shops with iron bars and stringent security measures, his shop resembles an ordinary store, featuring boutique-style showroom cases displaying luxury wallets, smartphones and tablet PCs.

* secured against -에 대비해서 지키다.

* stringent 엄중한, 엄격한

Clients are mostly in their 20s and 30s, according to Lee. “They usually borrow a small amount of money, between 200,000-300,000 won ($160-$240), leaving behind their laptops or digital cameras as collateral. More university students or job seekers in their 20s have visited in recent years,” he said.

* leave behind …을 놓아 둔 채 오다, 뒤에 남기다

* collateral 담보물

The balance of outstanding collateral loans at 8,775 lending institutions nationwide, including pawn shops, surged 12.3 percent on-year to 8.54 trillion won in 2022 from 7.61 trillion won in 2021, government data showed.

* outstanding 아직 처리되지 않은, 미지불된, 미해결된

기사 전문:

[2] North Korea tightens watch on elite exodus

기사 요약: 고위급 엘리트층 탈북 증가에 감시 강화하는 북한

North Korea has recently tightened controls on elites stationed abroad to stop them from defecting, South Korean intelligence authorities found.

* tighten control 단속을 강화하다

* stationed 배치하다, 주둔시키다

According to a National Intelligence Service document obtained by the National Assembly, North Korea is keeping even closer track of its officials working at diplomatic and other offices overseas.

* obtain 얻다, 입수하다

* keep track of 기록하다, 추적하다

Wary that they may take advantage of loosened border controls post-COVID, North Korea has “scaled up surveillance” on overseas officials, the document said, by implementing a “multilevel” monitoring system that includes a ban on solo travels and tracking on their cellphones.

* wary 경계하는, 조심하는

* loosened 느슨하게[헐겁게] 하다

In China and Russia in particular, North Korea is working closely with authorities there to identify and track down defectors.

* identify (신원 등을) 확인하다[알아보다]

* track down 추격하다, 찾아내다


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