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Korea Herald charity golf tournament held to promote Hangeul

June 4, 2023 - 14:21 By Lee Yoon-seo
Some 250 participants join The Korea Herald’s 70th Anniversary Charity Golf Tournament held at Serenity Country Club in Cheongju, North Jeolla Province, on Thursday. (Park Hae-mook/The Korea Herald)

The Korea Herald, South Korea’s largest English daily, on Thursday held a charity golf tournament to celebrate its 70th anniversary and renew its commitment to boosting the global potential of Hangeul, the Korean alphabet.

About 250 participants, consisting of CEOs across industries, celebrities and sports stars, joined the event held at Serenity Golf Club in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province.

“Based on your support and affection today, The Korea Herald will ramp up efforts for Hangeul to secure a footing as a language of hope and challenge for people around the world,” Herald Corp. Chairman Jung Won-ju, who doubles as chairman of Daewoo E&C, said in his opening remarks.

As part of its 70th anniversary annual project, The Korea Herald is publishing a series of feature stories, under the title “Hello Hangeul,” which explores the social and industrial potential of Hangeul as a global language and Korean-made content overall.

“Since its establishment in 1953, The Korea Herald has served as South Korea’s window to the world through the medium of English. Amid our ongoing efforts to grow into a global media company, we will also embrace our new mission of opening a new horizon for Hangeul,” said Choi Jin-young, CEO of The Korea Herald.

On the day, the winner of the golf competition was Choi Hong-nam, CEO of ANH Design Group, followed by Oh Doo-ik, CEO of OK Engineering, and Lee Seung-ho, an accountant at Samduk Accounting Corp.

Following the golf tournament, a festive banquet was also hosted later in the day. Opened up by K-Philharmonic Orchestra, diverse cultural programs, including performances by popular singers and a charity auction, were arranged to liven up the mood.

All the profits from Thursday's event will be donated to help launch a new cultural foundation that aims to build infrastructure for Hangeul education, especially software distribution, for Korean-learning communities around the world.

Some 20 sponsors of the event included Master Bunny Edition, AK Golf, Majesty and 1879 Wine.

Herald Corp. Chairman Jung Won-ju, who doubles as chairman of Daewoo E&C, delivers his opening remarks for the golf competition. (Damda Studio)
Korean baseball star Lee Dae-ho hits a tee shot for the tournament. (Damda Studio)
TV celebrity Byun Ki-soo, the event host, marks the start of the banquet following the golf tournament. (Damda Studio)
The K-Philharmonic Orchestra performs to open up the banquet. (Damda Studio)
Singer Kim Tae-yeon, a star from the Miss Trot reality show, performs during the banquet. (Damda Studio)
Choi Jin-young, CEO of The Korea Herald, speaks to kick off the competition. (Park Hae-mook/ The Korea Herald)
Auction winners pose for a photo during the banquet. From left are Choi Jin-young, CEO of The Korea Herald; Lee Woo-hyun, CEO of Seoyoon Construction; Kim Ju-young, Daom Holdings chairperson; Jung Won-ju, Herald Corp. chairman; and Lee Dong-hyun, chairman of 1879 Group. (Damda Studio)
An award ceremony is held to celebrate the winners of the golf tournament. (Damda Studio)