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Pro-N. Korea newspaper slams S. Korea, US, Japan for seeking to conspire trilateral military alliance

May 23, 2023 - 10:19 By Yonhap
South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol (right), US President Joe Biden (left) and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida greet each other ahead of their trilateral talks in Hiroshima, Japan last Sunday. (AP-Yonhap)

A pro-North Korea newspaper in Japan on Tuesday condemned the latest summit of leaders from South Korea, the United States and Japan as an attempt to plot a trilateral military alliance, claiming the move is "maximizing" the risk of war on the Korean Peninsula.

The Choson Sinbo, the pro-North Korea newspaper, lashed out at the outcome of the trilateral meeting held Sunday on the sidelines of the Group of Seven summit in Hiroshima, Japan.

At the summit, President Yoon Suk Yeol, US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida agreed to further strengthen trilateral strategic cooperation to bolster deterrence against North Korea's nuclear threats, vowing to develop their cooperation to a new level.

The North's paper said such a meeting was nothing but a "deceptive play" designed to hide the risk of a military collusion.

"A plan to build a three-way military alliance plotted by the leaders of the three nations is maximizing the risk of war outbreak on the Korean Peninsula," it said. "This is a reality that cannot be reversed even with any diplomatic rhetoric."

The Choson Sinbo is not North Korea's state media outlet, but it serves as an unofficial spokesperson for Pyongyang. (Yonhap)