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GS25 to debut ChatGPT-developed whiskey highball

May 16, 2023 - 14:30 By No Kyung-min
A model holds up cans of AskUp Lemon Sparkling Highball at a GS25 convenience store. (GS25)

GS25, the leading convenience store chain in South Korea owned by GS Group, said Tuesday it is launching an artificial intelligence-developed alcoholic beverage -- a first globally -- this week.

GS25 has partnered with Brewguru, a startup brewing company, to apply AI-based knowledge in developing and introducing a whiskey highball beverage called AskUp Lemon Sparkling Highball.

This offering is the world's first alcoholic drink that incorporates AI’s expertise into its decision-making process for the taste, recipe, design, name, price and alcohol content.

An ChatGPT-based AI chatbot named AskUp, developed by AI startup Upstage, was utilized to address a wide range of inquiries.

Questions posed to the chatbot included: "Provide me with a delicious highball recipe," "How should I design the can for this highball?" and "What price range is suitable for this highball?"

GS25's primary motivation for creating the product was to cater to people in their 20s and 30s, who are not only familiar with AI technology but also comprise the majority of whiskey highball consumers.

In addition, GS25 plans to explore the potential of AI in developing other products and become a retail platform that provides customers with enhanced experience and value.

Han Gu-jong, a member of GS25's alcoholic beverages planning team, expressed excitement about using AI to develop this drink, saying, "Introducing AI-planned alcoholic products for the first time in the world feels like we are making history in retail distribution."